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Multimodel BMCB 6.0 

Update 29-3-23 11h

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NB: The BMCB 6.0 system calculates the average of the parameters from the UKMO - ICON - AROME - ARPEGE -NEMS - NMM ensembles and operational models for the short and medium term (+24h to +120h) and the average of the parameters from the GFS - ECMWF - GEM ensembles and operational models for the medium and long term (+144h to +344h)

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Automatic Updates For Cities (Worldwide)

10-day forecasts from the ICON model (2x2 & 7x7km) via WINDY.COM

With the possibility to change the forecast model below the page (=>ECMWF, GFS, AROME...)
For other cities, replace the location left above the screen!

During radiant nights (wind blowing at <15km/h and little cloudy/serene skies), it is important to know that the minimum temperatures in some valleys in the east of the country (cold basins) can be between 2 and 4° and very locally even between 4 and 6° below the values forecast by the models!

The same applies to the maximum temperatures which, under the same conditions during the day, can be about 2 to 3 degrees higher than those forecast by the models.

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